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February 6, 2014:
Inquiries for the open girl increase, and we wonder whether she is just a stock photo sensation.


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Who is the open girl? Is she a stock photo phenomenon?

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Open GirlThe phrase "open girl" means a lot of things to a lot of people, depending which country you are from and what language you speak. In the United States, it most commonly refers to stock photos of women in front of stores with an "open" sign, and it is kind of a royalty-free photo cliche that there is a person smiling in front of a store that is open, which implies that business is going well thanks to the services of the company doing the advertising. Sometimes you will get a picture of a man in front of an open shop, but the female stock photo is preferred 5 to 1. In other countries, the phrase goes beyond stock images for download and into the land of images to girls opening various articles of clothing. There is a YouTube video that is very popular with this title, though it does not get very far. In any case, the phrase "open girl" has become a hit term for 2012, and this site is dedicated to exploring every instance of the term, from the innocuous royalty-free photos of women in front of coffeshops to the curious European and Indian connotations.

The anthropological significance of the small business meme goes into psychological depths that are currently the subject of a major study at Miskatonic University. A certain R. Pickman, known for painting such imagery in the second decade of the twentient century, oftentimes painted sinister or sardonic versions of curiosity shop owners set in the 17th century around old whaling towns in Massachusetts. In the paintings, the wares on the shelves were described as "wick'd assemblages placed impossibly on strangely angled boxes, with horrid statuettes carved in the likeness of tentacle-mouthed monsters and their leathery flapping wings. Indeed, the idea that any good can come from standing outside one's small business, which is guaranteed to produce less income for the proprietor than a janitor's annual salary, is surely a sign that madness lies within.

Notes and Special Information

The original Open Girl painting trope goes back at least as far as Pompeii, and perhaps as far as Old Kingdom Egypt. In wall paintings, women are shown outside apothecary shops and twine markets, signifying the bounty of the objects therein. The current association with pride of ownership and some sudden need to utilize small business services like web design or credit card processing is fairly new, which is why you don't see any prideful pictures of John Pierpont Morgan or Andrew Carnegie celebrating his success astride a functioning industrial complex. (However, there are apocryphical tales of strikebreaking robber barons photographed genuflecting atop the broken bodies of their coal town victims.) Cafretiti, a 3rd dynasty patroness of an alligator extract stand (the first freestanding private building in Thebes dedicated to non-funerary purposes) was described in a Bas-Relief on granite but unfortunately the stele was obliterated to create a megalith for Ozymandias, whose enterprise famously inspired ten million bad English 101 essays.

Special note: If you are curious, make sure "safe search" is on your search engine, unless you are curious to find out what the other implications of "open girl" are.